View Full Version : Online Photo Album Recommendations

05-01-2014, 08:14 PM
I currently use Facebook for online photo sharing. I like the privacy settings and that's where my people are. But sometimes I'm not pleased with Facebook and would like to leave it. What are other sites (not mobile-only apps) that have good privacy settings, free, and easy to use? And a bonus would be if it (unlike Facebook) could be accessed in China.

(Google-fu fails me in China, otherwise I'd just do my own research. Plus, I like to get feedback from people I at least know online and not just a random list from a tech magazine.)

05-01-2014, 09:11 PM
I really like Google Drive - it's for more than just photos, but the photo integration is really nice. You get 25 GB of free storage (of everything, not just photos, but if all you use it for is pictures, then there you go). There's a desktop app that lets you drop and drag files from your computer and it automatically syncs to the web storage, privacy controls are good - you can share through email, or with a specific link that people have to have to access - and the mobile app automatically backs up your phone pictures with unlimited storage in smaller resolution. You're still limited to 25 GB in high res. And, if you use Google's Picasa software, also free, you get photo manipulation and editing, along with the free backup to the web service.

If you want a pay service that gives you unlimited high-res storage, we use SmugMug. We pay $100/year and it gives you automatic mobile backups too.