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05-18-2016, 11:48 AM
So, I've effectively been given Carte Blanche from the Bishop for the Annual Readers Service to have the readings I want and preach on what ever I want to...

I have some thoughts in my head as I've been mulling over the acceptance of this offer for over a month now...

But if you were told you could have what ever readings you wanted to do a talk/preach/sermonise/(what ever you want to call it) on what would you pick?

The congregation will be fellow trainee readers being licensed along side me, the year 1,2 and 3 readers in training and readers from all over the diocese who have been doing this for YEARS (some over 50) obviously the bishop, my trainers, my congregation, but also I have friends coming from outside my church circle who want to support me...

It's also the 150th anniversary of this form of ministry in the Church of England...

For those of you who are not sure what I'm being licensed into, its official title is Lay Reader or Licensed Lay Minister.
Our main remit is to preach and teach the Gospel and each of us performs that role in different ways.
We can lead services, preach sermons, take funerals, undertake pastoral ministry in all kinds of forms....
I kind of describe it as a mini vicar as really the only things we can not do are the main sacraments of Marriage, Baptism and Communion. We also can't give an absolution, when we do so in a service we substitute words like 'you' for 'us' or 'we' so we include ourselves and it also with the clause of 'may', same goes with a blessing.
We are not ordained, that has not been passed down from a Bishop so our licensing is partially limited...

It feels weird to have been given such an open remit on this, it's a huge honour but also a HUGE responsibility!

05-18-2016, 12:25 PM
For an audience like that, I'd like to teach on "go forth and make disciples of all nations" -- what "making disciples" looks like, what BEING a disciple means, the importance of "going forth" versus "bringing in" (filling seats in pews) etc.

But if I had to pick any topic of my own to preach on, it would be one of encouragement when you're under struggle. Job, but also all the verses (and there are many) on "do not be afraid" -- which implies that God knows we ARE afraid and is giving us solutions for our fear, and the verses to show there is a bigger picture than the individual horrible moments we live in throughout our lives, ones that show God is continuing to do work on us, but isn't finished yet, and how all things, good and bad, work together for our good. There's so much encouragement in the Bible, and so much universal need for it, I think it's a message everyone can benefit from no matter where they are in their lives.

05-18-2016, 07:42 PM
Here are few topics off the top of my head.

How to care for your soul
Hell - is it real?
Wisdom. Have you met her?
Fellowship of sufferings.
Life is a boot camp - James 1
Is holiness for me?
How important is salvation for you?

05-18-2016, 08:10 PM
I maybe completely missing the boat on this one, Buuut,

I'd go with Ecclesiastes' main message (all of our earthly cares are really just chasing after the wind, so serve God, work hard, and enjoy yourselves)...leads wonderfully into go ye into all the world and preach the gospel--what that mean for everyday Joes.

05-19-2016, 03:22 PM
Thanks ladies! Lots to think about in there

Diana, I love James so that's a real contender!