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02-13-2017, 03:50 PM
So I have a sister getting married and a sister having a baby and I have been put in charge of games for their respective showers.

Now, I happen to enjoy these games, but I know for some (most?) people, they are an eye-roll inducing annoyance at best, a dreaded tradition at worst. I'd like for people to enjoy themselves here, especially since it will be my main contribution.

So, if you ladies don't mind helping me out, what are your favorite (or least hated) bridal and baby shower games?

Also, if you have any ideas for some good (reasonably priced) game prizes that might mollify those who insist on hating the games regardless, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks! :)

02-13-2017, 04:24 PM
I'll be honest. I hate showers. Despise them. My favorite shower game is called, "Stay home and send a gift." :P

That said, the one game/activity that I have enjoyed is decorating a onesie. Lots of glitter and glue, markers, and you can go to town adding your own style to something the kid might actually use.

Anything that involves guessing - guess the gender, guess the weight, guess what's in the diaper (!!!!!!!!! :censored: ) gets a big NO from me. :D

02-13-2017, 04:49 PM
Not really a game, but at my bridal shower and at friend's showers, I always like either write down a recipe for the couple or advice or a wish for them. the the hostess makes a little book or cards on a binder ring for the bride. I still have mine and look at it occasionally. Also the tp wedding dress game is fun. Divide into teams and one person in each team is the bride. The other people have to fashion a wedding dress out of a roll of tp. Corny , but fun.

Baby shower- I like the decorating the onesie idea.

02-14-2017, 03:02 PM
I will never ever ever EVER do the "guess what's in the diaper" game. Who in the world came up with that? Sex is already known and "guess the weight" seems like it could go wrong very very quickly, considering how sensitive many women are about their size.

Love the onesie decorating and TP wedding dress ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)

02-14-2017, 07:46 PM
I kind of figured we'd be on the same page with that stuff :D

02-14-2017, 09:16 PM
Everything snooch said. I'm of no help--I like the part where I eat cake and then go home.

02-14-2017, 11:59 PM
Haha! Well, undeniably, that is the best part. :D

02-15-2017, 06:45 PM
I am noooooooot a fan of the games. However, one game I have always loved is the "pass the gift" game. One person (or more) brings a gift that would be suitable for anyone and then they pretty much play hot potato. Pass around the gift while gift giver plays music and stops it at random. Whoever has the gift when music is stopped is out. The last one standing is the winner.

Also, mad lib is hilarious! Example of a baby shower one that had us in stitches: http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com/baby-shower-mad-lib.html

02-26-2017, 09:51 PM
I like games only because they prevent awkward "sit around and talk to strangers." I'm bad at that.

I went to one baby shower where they had baby pictures of the Mom and Dad (both redheads), and we had to guess which pictures was mom/which was dad. That was fun.

I HATE "guess what's in the diaper." So gross.

We wrote little messages on diapers for the mom to read when she was changing her baby's diaper- I guess that's kind of similar to the onesie idea.

I like playing Bingo when the bride/mom-to-be is opening gifts. You can search Pinterest for printable boards. You could have a small gift for the Bingo winner. It just helps the guests stay involved during gift opening, since that can get a bit tedious.